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  • The church is a central point of our community for private prayer, congregational worship, baptisms, marriages and funerals and other social evernts as we accommodate the daily round of worship, and a host of events, tours and meetings.
  • Just to keep the church running requires nearly £100,000 every year (or to put it another way, £11 for every hour of every day of every year) . And an historic building like this costs a great deal more in maintenance and repair work.
  • We continue to be grateful for the generosity of those who support our work, but as costs continually rise, we need to encourage all who have an interest in what we stand for to help us.

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We are indeed grateful for your support

The church has nowgiving form to support our mission and maintain our beautiful historic building.

Please select here to complete the form and make your donation

Gift Aid

For every £10 given by  taxpayers to the church, we can reclaim £2.50 from the Inland Revenue, increasing the value of your gift to £12.50. For a full explanation of the scheme and a Gift Aid form, contact our Stewardship Officer, Eric Smith.




If you would like to support the churchwork and begin a conversation about your Will, a confidential discussion with a churchwarden.

Further details and a guide to writing your will to reflect your Christian Faith can also be found on the Church of England website: https://www.churchlegacy.org.uk/downloads/gifts-of-faith-hope-and-love.compressed.pdf

Standing Order

Individual sets up with own bank Account: Eccleston St Marys PCC Sort Code: 09-01-55 Account No: 23903081

Gift Aid Envelopes

Found at the end of each pew. Used by tax-payers Details need to be filled in. especially postcode. and dated.

Weekly Envelopes

en to individual as a years supply each November Pre-dated and un-named Used by tax and non-tax payers Tax payers need to complete GIFT – AID FORM For those who like to set money aside weekly. 

Collection Plate

Passed through the congregation during service Used by non-tax payers Used for direct giving