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Who's Who

Fr Andrew Brown


Eccleston and Charnock Ricahrd

Fr Andrew is the Rector of Eccleston and Charnock Richard, Christ Church, having moved to the parishes in 2013.

After a career in commercial management in British Rail and subsequently various companies in the privatised rail industry, he trained for ordination at Ripon College, Cuddesdon near Oxford and served his title in the Birmingham Diocese.

Garry Fishwick


Safeguarding Officer and Lector

Garry was appointed as our Church Warden in  2019; he has served on the PCC for a number of years and has been Chair of the Governors at St Marys CEPS. He was a police officer before retirement.



Gill Jamieson


Sidesperson and Lector

Gill has been a Churchwarden since 2016. She retired from the NHS to take up organising and taking part in activities at the heart of Eccleston village life.





Bob Thompson 


Phil Parkinson

Director of Music Emeritus




Claire Walsh

Baptism Bookings

Andrea  Cheetham

Wedding Bookings, Lector and Sidesperson

Linda Thornton

Funeral Co-ordinator, Lector and Sidesperson


Derrick Banks - Server ​

Sandra Lea - Server​

Peter Mayor - Server​


Dorothy Banks - Server

Brynley Dixon - PCC Member (Vice Chair)

Karl Mayor - PCC Member (Data Protection)


Gail Liston-Smith - PCC Member (Health and Safety)

Christopher Chatwood - PCC Treasurer and Sidesperson

Valda Pearson - PCC Secretary (ex officio) and Lector


Allison Gillett-  PCC Member and Sidesperson

Michael Cote -  PCC Member

Pamela Coates - PCC Member


Stephen Adams PCC Member

Sharon Grayston PCC Member

Margaret Banks - Sidesperson

Julie Harrison - Sidesperson Jean Harrison - Sidesperson Rachel Baron - Sidesperson
Sheila Maitland - Sideperson Sadie Baron - Sidesperson Carol Stokoe - Sidesperson and Lector
Olive Harrison - Sidesperson Bill Johnson - Sidesperson Janet Brindle - Sidesperson
Keith Brindle - Sidesperson David Collins - Sidesperson and Lector Sylvia Collins - Sidesperson
Beryl Rushton - Sidesperson Jean Cheetham - Sidesperson Ian Butterfiled - Sidesperson and Lector
Mike Cote -Sidesperson Chris Cote - Sidesperson Maureen Brindle - Lector
Susan Haydock - Lector Ellie Double - Lector Anne Worthington - Lector