JAM Club

10:30 - The Parish Centre

See what we offer for families and All-Age worship here Throughout the year our Leaders and Helpers arrive at 10:30 ready to welcome the children in The Centre.

The children’s activities follow closely the liturgy and activities on our weekly Looksheets so you can always enjoy these together at home.

The Jesus And Me group join us in church during service and receive a Blessing or Communion as a part of the church community. Many of the children are delighted to speak to the congregation about their session.

You can see their work displayed in The Centre, do take a look. From the age of 8 your child may choose to follow a 6 week guided course, Children at the Lord’s Table, which will lead to them taking the Eucharist. We call these children J.I.M group; Jesus In Me.

We hope that by the age of 14 these children will choose to further explore their faith and wish to affirm their baptism vows by following a course leading to their Confirmation. All of our Leaders are DBS cleared.

f you are interested in your child starting JAM call in for a session, you’re welcome to stay.

You could give Valda a ring 07751 663339